Top 3 Mistakes Singaporean SMEs make in B2B Lead Generation

B2B Lead generation has been around for quite some time now, it has been the de facto tactic in digital marketing, and a lot of gimmicks have been used to make every lead generation activity productive. From fun, trivial, educational to the absurd, you would find many ways that B2B marketers have employed just for #FOMO (Fear of missing out, for non millennials out there).

Although it can be a matter of perspective depending on the digital strategist, every lead generation tactic still needs to avoid these common mistakes. If generating B2B leads is your goal, then make sure that you go through these first and give it a second thought if your strategy needs fine-tuning.

Not having a dedicated landing page

Running a B2B lead generation campaign without a landing page is like a Star Wars movie without a Jedi in sight. It just doesn’t work. Designing your landing page, A/B testing, copywriting is fun when you do it the right way. It leads you to the right direction, to the right target audience and eventually once you get to hit the mark, you will end up saying “The force is strong with this one.”

No CTA (Call-to-Action)

Yes, you might have an amazing, engaging & rhetoric filled landing page. It’s so convincing that you would even want to buy your own product from yourself. But if you don’t have a call to action, how would you expect to convert leads to customers? Do you ask an attractive stranger on a beautiful date, in the most romantic setting only to leave without asking her name or her phone number? These are a few WTF moments for first date misadventures, but it can happen on your lead generation tactic if you don’t have a CTA.

Using outbound instead of inbound tactics

Let’s go on a more scientific approach – outbound versus inbound. In a nutshell, outbound is interrupting your target audience while inbound is matching your buyer’s preference and persona first with the right content. If your lead generation campaign is only focused on how good your product is, with utter disrespect to who you are selling to. Don’t expect those leads to come anytime soon.

So as a B2B marketer, what do you have to do?

Start exploring the possibility and potential of running your own lead generation funnel, talk to experts, collaborate with people who are doing it, get out of your house and stop watching Netflix. Just do anything at all that would take you to the lead generation enlightenment.

A better option is — talk to us!