DIY Marketing Series: Marketing made easy for SME owners

BAM! Training
BAM! Training

BAM! Training | DIY your Marketing Series

BAM! has launched its much awaited training series and it couldn’t come at a better time. Many small business owners are facing the onslaught of a systemic downturn. There is also very little understanding of marketing costs vs results. Especially in areas of lead generation and content. SME owners find it difficult to invest as they unable to see returns in the short run.

Chris Dawson, Liaison at BAM! describes this as the Frozen Turtle 冰冻乌龟 phenomenon. He explained,

“turtle already slow, now frozen some more…”

Many experts do agree with this on some level. They find it increasingly difficult to get SME owners spend on marketing. They often ask how can we achieve results without spending money.

SME Owners can learn successful marketing formulas

BAM! believes that by educating business owners the problem will go away. In fact BAM! is giving away the secrets too. That’s exactly what happened in their latest lead generation workshop. Lead Generation Specialist, Marxk Madhavan spilled the beans on their latest success. Marxk actually walked through the attendees on how BAM! generated 2000 leads for insurance practitioners within a month.

They were all pregnant too.

When asked why BAM! was spoiling market and giving away the formula. Marxk explained that business owners should have the opportunity to DIY their marketing. They should have the chance to get their hands dirty. This way they will know how to hire the right person or vendor when the need arises.

Comprehensive Marketing Coverage

The BAM! Training series aims to educate business owners on how various marketing channels work. They cover the following areas;

  1. Consistent Lead Generation
  2. Sales Management
  3. Design that Sells
  4. Content that Sells
  5. Marketing Automation

It’s also refreshing that the focus is on practical, SME centric solutions. As the name implies business owners can look forward to DIY their marketing. Professional support is available but SME owners are more likely to take the DIY path first.