Creative Events & Activations: Magic of the offline approach

Creative Events

Creative Events & Activations could be the missing link for companies that focus on digital. What is that one thing that is too hard for us to build while running our digital marketing? Epic. Audience. Engagement! This is where the offline approach comes in. The offline approach is an idea on it’s own, typically manifested with events and activations. The good ones create an experience for participants, leaving the brand etched in memory. The bad ones, well…

Why businesses don’t think about Creative Events & Activations:

We are far too stretched to build our business goals, making sure that all the right pegs fit the right hole. We care so much about our digital marketing funnel that we spend the entirety of our audience-building efforts staring at a computer screen. And we get so pumped up with email addresses that come through our auto responders that it makes us tick as if it meant the world to us.

The magical effects of offline approach:

  • Just Imagine if you can convert those email addresses to actual human beings. People who walk in and you can engage them on a more personal level.
  • Scale – how do you define this, how do you measure this? Well, it has something to do with bringing your brand to life. And when I say life, it has to be tangible, felt and experienced.
  • Never underestimate the power of the human voice. It’s the best time to speak to your audience. The best form of marketing is still the word of mouth. Make it memorable and your audience will amplify your voice even more.

Creative Events & Activations are just like that. It’s meant to bring life to your brand; it’s meant to bring people together to talk about, to experience and to amplify your brand. This is a combination of willpower of key decision makers in your company – because this does not come cheap. Go big or go home!

But the returns are explosive. At the end of the day, the touch of the human hand is still better than the vibrancy of a jpeg file on your home page. A picture is worth a thousand words but memories last forever. So get out there, talk to your target audience through events & activations and propel your customer experience to the next level.

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