Why Branded Content is a Marketing Game Changer

Branded Content

Branded Content is not just another buzzword. In fact branded content is the key to zoom in on the type of content businesses should focus on. It’s a given that companies will allocate budget for their marketing efforts. Yet, having the belief that your business will grow in an organic way without any marketing activity is a flawed belief that can prove to be fatal for your brand.

Marketing is the face that validates your brand’s capability.

It’s your greatest asset in creating revenue, and strangely enough, it is also the area where most brands fail. Companies mistakenly think having a budget and executing a marketing activity is enough. What they fail to consider is that being the face of your brand, marketing activities need to identify with who you are and why you exist. These aspects are not directly proportional to the budget you allocate. Yet, this is the heart of your marketing activity. This is your branded content.

Why Branded Content is a game changer?

Most brands now employ a cookie cutter approach to their marketing activities. It involves a web of lead generation, lead nurturing, analytics, and customer lifecycle. These are good to have but without branded content, what purpose does your “customer life cycle” have? Branded content is the very reason customers can relate to you; it is that “hook” that keeps them coming back to you. And without it, you are just making random noise on some random location in the digital space – and you would not want to do that.

Branded content is a game changer because those who can practice this with a near surgical precision can realise a better ROI. And when the conversation about ROI starts, brands need to be careful about choosing people to engage in creating content and employing a strategy. It is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the biased marketer, as this requires brands be authentic, be entertaining, and  informative. Having the right mix requires having the right team or individual to create content for your brand.

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