B2B Marketing Video as a Must-Have strategy

b2b marketing video

An effective marketing strategy, in general, employs B2B marketing video as a major tactic. Since the marketing space has become over-saturated, buyers are now more aware regarding safeguarding their information.

Prospecting has never been this difficult unless you are able to build the one thing that will convince them – trust. Then you are off to a rocky start; your marketing efforts better be prepared to eat digital dust.

Building Trust through B2B Marketing Video

So what do you need to do to help build trust with your audience?

Videos are on the top of the list; it’s the closest thing to a personal encounter in the digital space. It can either show your face, tell your story, document a business process, share entrepreneurship insights, whatever the topic is under the sun, videos rock like no other content on the internet.

So the answer to the question, “why use videos for lead generation?” is quite straightforward – because if you don’t, you are losing huge internet real estate. People are watching your competitors instead of you; they can easily catch what others are saying while you are still figuring out what to post on your social media channel. And even if you are able to create a landing page using tons of free tools out there, without a video embedded on your lead generation funnel, you are merely dropping dollars for exposure.

B2B Marketing Stats Make the Case for Video

Here’s a round-up of video statistics in 2017. This should be enough to convince you to include videos in your lead generation strategy:

The list could go on and on. You can either drool and do nothing. Or you can start stepping on the gas pedal and blast your way into the videos for the lead generation race.

Sadly, for most entrepreneurs, they would rather focus on getting the leads and leaving the content generation and funnel design to experts.

Your access to these experts starts here.



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