52 Marketing Blunders of 2016


It’s never too late to learn from past mistakes. Especially when it comes to marketing. Were all your marketing efforts last year a success? If yes, good for you! But, it’s still good to learn these insights.

We are sure there are mistakes made in 2016 that could be made in 2017. Yet, let’s do it right this year by maximising your marketing budget.

At BAM!, we took the time to reflect on the marketing blunders that brands made during 2016 and created a list (who doesn’t love lists, right?). The list is a compilation of our own experiences with clients, what our colleagues in the industry are talking about, and what we read online. We found so many that we managed to come up with one mistake for each week.


So … here are our TOP 5 Picks for Marketing Blunders of 2016:

1. Hiring 12 Different vendors for ONE campaign (True Story)


2. Expecting all leads will lead to ACTUAL sales.


3. Using LOW-RES images for your blog post or social media post.

4. Shoe-string budget for an extensive campaign with BIG potential.

5. Hiring us for the WRONG reasons.


The full infographic below.