5 Creative Ways to Connect with Your Audience During Festive Seasons

Crowded – the one word that describes the digital marketing space on any given day. And during the festive season? This can be an understatement.
During the last quarter of the year, many people are either planning a vacation, setting up house parties or going on a road trip. But if you are an entrepreneur, this would be far from the reality.
Business, as they say, is a love story evolving from the heart of an entrepreneur. And in any given moment of time, your customers should always be at the heart of that love story. They should always be at the forefront of the value that your brand provides.
The festive season is round the corner, we came up with a list of how you can creatively connect with your target audience.

1. Pop Culture Content

There is nothing more universally relevant than pop culture. During the festive season, you can think of gazillion of ways to tap into the huge potential of pop culture. For example, if you are a huge Star Wars fan, you can come up with a campaign showing a group of stormtroopers cleaning up Darth Vader’s dreaded black helmet right beside a Christmas tree. Using a very simple poster tagline that says “The force is stronger… when it’s cleaner!”. You can figure out a brand that can connect to this type of campaign. The idea is tap into what is already popular and making sure you are within the bounds of intellectual property rights. Explore your first spin-off and bring your brand forward.

2. Social Media

 We are going to say this once if you are not on social media right now, you are missing the fun in global proportion. Stop whatever you are doing and build your social media channel. All the great ideas that you can come up with is only as good as what is executed, but all the executed ideas are only as good as what is deployed. Social media is your gateway to longer conversations since everybody is talking about almost everything. You need to insert your brand into these conversations.

3. Enticing EDMs

EDMs are here to stay (sing with us one more time)! Your goal is to make your audience “click” on something and not ignore your email. Avoid sending lame, text only, product-centric emails. Make your next EDM an experience worth remembering, make it interactive. Lead them into a Typeform page, and start a fun conversation wrapped in a theme. You can even incentivize the respond that you get from the survey form. Then use it as a crowdsourcing platform to invite more people to bigger conversations.


4. Videos, Videos, Videos

We have a secret to tell; you can actually ignore everything we have been saying here – but not this one. In 2017 and beyond, video is a must, it’s actually getting easier to record your own video. Why not send your personalized festive greetings to your audience through a creative video? It need not be long, 90 seconds is the magic number. You don’t even need expensive cameras to do this. The way smartphones are evolving, more and more people are using them to make videos.

5. 3 H’s: History, Humour, Holidays

If you have a small team of writers and researchers in your company, have them do a bit of research and dump a list of interesting things during the festive season. Try this simple formula of 3H’s and see what you can come up with. But the trick is, you need to make this information relevant to your brand. How can you insert your brand message? That’s the trick.
Once you have these in place, you can start worrying about your holiday trip and focus on the bigger things in life.
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