I have engaged BAM! (S) Pte Ltd to be my digital marketer for the last 18 months, and I am thoroughly satisfied with them. They are the leader in digital marketing in my opinion. They do not always follow my instructions, but challenge me and help me to formulate better strategies. that they are right are always seen in the outcome and the good results I get. Thanks very much for a job well done. I strongly recommend that you get them as your digital marketer.

Douglas Kong, Optimum Zone Performance

As art director, Soo is energetic, no-nonsense, precise and very orderly. She listens attentively and respectfully, and goes beyond her call of duty to ensure that her team mates meet deadlines. Soo has a heart for people and has demonstrated her professionalism and leadership through compassion, humility and pride in her work.

Marxk is a keen observer and thinker, whose motivation and passion for creative work is seen through his commitment to work even during his personal time! How commendable!

It takes time for a team to develop its people, culture and dream. Here are 3 stars for a start and to give the new team room for their commitment towards cohesiveness, progress and connection within and beyond their potential.

Kylie Tan, Lutimax Asia

BAM! did a great video for our marketing campaign! Great storyline and done professionally. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience thanks!

Johan Goh, Cookit.sg